Foundation Dog Training

Foundation Dog Training & Behaviour

We teach only positive reinforcement training techniques as the strongest bond between human and dog is built on trust and kindness, not a fear of punishment.

We can work together to create a customised training plan which will go at the perfect pace for both you and your dog.

Classes / Group Learning

Classes are held on a Monday evening in Maryhill Community Centre. We are registered with the Kennel Club (Listed Status) and teach the KC Good Citizen Dog Scheme with classes for Puppies, and older dogs up to Gold level.


It’s not always easy for busy families to get along to classes so we offer 1-2-1 training sessions in your own home for new Puppies and older dogs. These can cover all the basics of training including Sit, Stand, Down; Loose leash walking; Recall; Handling etc.


behavioural consultations

I have a MSc in Applied Animal Behaviour & Welfare and have a particular interest in dogs with anxiety-related problems. A consultation will develop a behavioural modification plan to address your dog’s issues.

Workshops & Events

We run workshops and seminars on topics of interest to dog owners, such as Relaxation Workshops.

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