Foundation Dog Training

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Back-to-Basics can address training-related problems such as pulling on the leash, ignoring the handler, stealing socks or ‘phones etc.  

These behaviours have been established by the dog as they are rewarding so the outcome has to be changed to suit the handler rather than the dog.


Puppies grow up very quickly so make sure you make the right choice:

We can help advise you on:

- Which breed may be best for you

- How to prepare your house for the new arrival  

- How to start training as soon as puppy arrives

- Early socialisation - before 14 weeks - is vital so access the KC / Dog’s Trust Puppyplan here and start immediately so that hopefully you can raise the perfect pet!

1-2-1 Training

We know that work or family commitments mean it’s not always easy to attend scheduled classes so our 1-2-1 training sessions are arranged at a time convenient to you.  

We can work together to create a custom training plan which will go at the perfect pace for both you and your dog.  

Training Classes

Monday 6pm (Intermediate) 7pm (Puppies) and 8pm (Adult Dogs)

Courses offer Kennel Club Good Citizen Scheme Awards - Puppy Foundation; Bronze; Silver & Gold.  

Training Options

We teach positive reinforcement training techniques as the strongest bond between human and dog is built on trust and kindness, not fear of punishment.

Foundations of training for calm, happy dogs